Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Speaking, a broken sewing machine & my first finished scarf!

This past Monday (Jan 12) I gave my Scrappy quilts presentation to the Lee's Summit Quilters Guild. I had such a good time & I hope that I inspired some quilters to use their scraps! After a quilt is shown they drape the quilts over the chairs so that after the presentation everyone can get up close to the quilts. 

My mom took a few pics while I was speaking

Thank you again Lee's Summit Quilt Guild I had a great time!

For the last few weeks my modern sewing machine has been acting up. The display will fade in & out. I asked my friend Joelyne, who knows way more about these machines than I do, & she thought that it was the power supply. I took my machine to her house yesterday & her friend/tech took a look at it. It turns out that the plug where my foot pedal plugs into my machine is shorting out & not working correctly. Ahhhhh! I will be able to use my machine but eventually the screen will go completely black. There are a few options to get it fixed so I'm staying optimistic. 

I finished my first knitted scarf yesterday! I'm so excited that I finished it & that it turned out! Yeah!

It's very warm & versatile. Success breeds desire to create more, so I am. Here's my newest project

I'd better get up & get breakfast going. More later on,


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  1. Your first scarf looks great. What yarn did you use and needle size? You know now that you are a knitter too, these are important things to share. Are all those quilts draped over chairs ones that you made? Boy, if they are, you really do bring lots for your presentations. Awesome.