Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's time for another string quilt

I collect all things Paris/Eiffel Tower. It's my dream for me & my husband to go someday. In the mean time friends & family give me Paris/Eiffel Tower goodies for Birthdays & holidays. Dear friend Liz gave me this cool trash can

I emptied almost 4 cereal boxes worth of strings into this lovely container. I will make sure that everyone knows that it's not trash!

I started out looking for an embroidery pattern. I'm almost done with my Moms wallhanging so I needed to get busy getting the next project ready to go. Well I got side tracked & started organizing (which is not a bad thing). I put all of my purple fabrics in one container ( they had out grown their previous container & were all over my floor). I didn't realize that I had that much purple 

I'm sure there will be a purple quilt in my future. I'm continuing to clean up in my sewing room. More pics to come. Hope y'all are having a good day. More later on,


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Busy busy busy

Well life here on the farm has been go go go. We've finally had some nice dry weather & we've been taking advantage of it. All but one small field has been mowed, raked & baled. I'm doing a serious happy dance. Yesterday my kiddo & I hauled hay all day. Normally husband & kiddo haul the hay in with the truck & trailer but Dad was at work so that left me & my kiddo. My kiddo really wanted me to use the bale trailer ( I had never used it before).  So off we went & got it all done, at least that one field. 

This was my ride yesterday. Hooray for new experiences. 

With all of the hay work that's been going on there hasn't been too much sewing happening here :(
I have been able to get 100 blocks done!
I just need 156 more.

 It's another beautiful day here. I hope y'all have a great day! More later on,


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tires, I don't understand them

Yesterday I was in the field mowing hay. It was going fairly well until I got to the last big piece. As I turned the corner my tractor started doing this very loud womp
Womp. Was I Chogged up? Nope. I had a flat that busted through the sidewalls of the tire. 

Called & texted DH & headed to the house to get the other Tractor & swather. 
Once DH got home he got his tools & started getting that tire off the rim. I'm thankful that the rim want damaged. This next pic you can kinda see the tractor without it's tire. 

He put the tire into the loader arms of my tractor & I hauled it home. 

This morning I spent chasing down a tire. I think I found one in Falls City NB. It's about 1.5 hours from home. I've never understood tire measurements. DH has tried to explain them to me but it hasn't stuck. 
I'd better get back at it. In sure that the hay is ready to bale. I'll get back to sewing hopefully soon. More later on,


Monday, July 14, 2014

Rainy day & what I'm working on

Rainy days during the summer are days for me to catch up on things inside & to sew. Saturday I was in the field until my DH got home from work. My kiddo was raking ( I was riding along) 

He's doing pretty good though I'm not sure I'm ready to leave him alone to do it on his own yet. 
After we were done I was free to come home, woohoo!!! I was able to get caught up on Saturday so yesterday I was able to sew & I'm hoping to be able today.

 I now have 69 blocks done

Just 189 more to go :)

I've also been able to get some handwork done. 

I'm making this for my Mom. After I get the hand stitching done I'll add a patchwork border & she will have a wall hanging. 

I hope y'all are having a great Monday. Checkout what others are up to at
More later on,


Friday, July 4, 2014

Making hay

What glorious weather we've been having!!! Simply awesome! Mid 70- 80's this week with little humidity. I'm loving it it because normally it's well over a 100 with lots of humidity. I've been able to have the windows open & I've  not been sneezing.  This week has also been the first opportunity for us to get into the hay field. I was concerned that it wouldn't dry very quickly with such low temps but it did. It just took an extra day. Here's a beginning shot of this field

I was so incredibly blessed. We did not have any troubles while mowing, raking or baling this field ( though I did loose my back wheel on my swather on the way to the house. My husband was teasing me that I had run the wheels clean off my machine. I am so greatfull that he knows how to fix things.)
Here's a pic of the field with it all mowed

I think that it looks like echo quilting. My kiddo ( who is 12) has been pestering, um excuse me asking me to let him rake the hay. Not just sit beside me but sit in the seat & do it all. So I did. You would have thought that I had given him the moon, talk about happy

 Sorry for the blurry shot but clear pictures are not always possible while bouncing down the field. He got to rake for just 2 rounds this night but yesterday he got to rake for 3 hours. He wanted me not to ride with him and well that answer was NO. Here's a pic of his raking

I haven't had any time really to sew & my guild Kansas row by rows are due this Thursday. I'm cutting it close I know but one huge step done is tht I've figured out what rows I'm doing & the fabric! I will be making the Kansas Dugout block with Kansas Trouble fabric.
( sorry about the toes in the pic :)  )

I hope y'all are having a great 4th of July. I'm sure I'll spend some time in a tractor & hopefully some time with my sewing machine. So thankful that I live in America. Have a great day y'all. More later on,