Saturday, June 18, 2016

Playing in the blue scraps!

One of my current goals is to make each of my quilts in a secondary color way. I'm currently working on my pattern "My Kansas". I want to make each pattern in a completly different color way than the original. So the secondary color way on this one will be blue & white.

I went through my blue stash & separated it into 4 piles, Light, Medium, dark & none of the above. 

The "None of the above" pile is on the lower right. Those blues didn't fit in any of the other categories for me. They were more of a teal/green than blue for me or had some other quality that didn't allow them to fit in one of the other categories. For this quilt I want to use the dark scraps & some of the medium scraps. While sorting the scraps I found these 2.5" strips! Woohoo that's a huge bonus! 

I have not posted in a while. I've been busy with kiddo (he now has his learners permit (where has the time gone?) I took a Judy Niemeyere class through my local quilt guild. I wans't sure how to do the pattern in scraps so I did find some yardage in my stash. This is my project
It'll either be a wall hanging or a table runner. 

I finished 3 quilts & put bindings on all of the them!!!! The first one is for my dear friend Liz who is expecting her sweet new bundle of joy any day.

This is the lime green version of my pattern "Mod Squad". It is bright, happy & I love it!!!

The third quilt will be a mystery for now.  I've submitted it to a quilt magazine for publication. If they accept it I will let you know when it will be published & if they don't I will be writing the pattern for it & selling it. Lots of new experiences for me lately & I'm enjoying it!

I'm enjoying my time inside because we should be in the hayfield soon. Hope y'all are doing well.
More later on,