Monday, December 15, 2014

Angels herding the cows

The water did come on last night so the plan was for me to haul some hay down & get a few chores done while the cows were in the pasture. While on the first load I noticed that the cows & their babies were spread out all over the pasture. I had gotten one load done & had started on my second when the heavens opened up & it started to pour. When I got to the top of the pasture there were all of the cows & their babies waiting for me to let them in. I quickly made a u-turn, shut all of the gates & let the cows back in. I seriously think that was the easiest I have ever had it. I wish that I could have seen the Angels bringing the cows up. What a sight! 
I did make a quick check of the pasture just to make sure there was no one left behind & there wasn't. Thank you Lord for my many blessings yesterday & today. 
More later on,


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Just call me Grace + life with no water

This picture is a summary of my evening

The farm & my in-laws house is on city water, my families house is on well water. Around 3 today there was a major water line break & there is no city water. Well wouldn't you know husband wasn't home. By the time he got home (from helping an elderly farmer) it was dark. The plan to get water to the cows was to get them back into the pasture (there are 3 ponds back there). I did a quick check of the fence line & we were good to go. Just try to picture 3 humans herding a bunch of cows & calves in the dark. Oh my goodness what an experience. All went well, it took us a few tries but I believe we got all momma & their babies reunited in the pasture. The incident with my pant leg occurred while herding some calves back towards the gate & well with it being dark I did not see the huge mud pit. It'll be fine though I'll wash & so will the jeans. Dear husband & kiddo are headed into town to get water in these huge totes to water another set of calves that can't go back to the pasture. I'm hoping that the water will come back on soon & this incredible warm weather holds on until the water comes on. I really don't want to chop ice on the ponds. I'd better close this off & see what I can get done in the house. I hope y'all are having a great evening. More later on,


Monday, December 8, 2014

It's Monday! What am I working on, a finish!!!!

Life has been busy but isn't that what I always say? We had a great Thanksgiving with our family & friends. I learned that you can't crowd an oven, the food will not cook quickly. My silly turkey took 6 hours to cook. The lessons I learned & the stories we can now tell😊.

I finished my latest quilt! Yeah! It's a big one. It measures 101.5" square, I hope. My tiny living room is to small to lay it out flat & it is too wet for an outside picture. This pic will have to do until I get it back & then maybe I can take apic outside

My original plan was for it to have a 4" border but with it being over 100" I decided that it was good border less. I'll put a solid dark binding on it & call it good. While putting it together I used some BOM blocks as my Leaders & Enders. I was able to get 3 blocks completed! 

Next on my plate is to bind 2 quilts, not my favorite thing to do. My guild is participating in the Kansas City quilt festival next June. We get to hang a certain number so in order to choose which quilts we will hang we need to bring our quilts this Thursday to guild meeting & we'll have viewers choice. My entry will be 

Sorry for the blurry picture me & technology are not getting along currently. This is my version of a red work quilt. The original pattern was for twilling embroidery but I did stem stitch with pearl cotton #5. It gives great texture & dimension plus it goes so much faster than twilling. 

I'd better cut this off, I need to finish supper. I hope hall are having a great day. It's been an unseasonably warm day here. It looks like we'll be in the upper 50's to almost 60's all week.  It's very hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit with it being that warm. I think getting my tree up might help. More later on,