Monday, June 19, 2017

Mountain Home Arkansas

I had typed up this long post all about my trip to Mountain Home Arkansas & I guess I overloaded the post with too many pictures becasue the app on my IPad blinked & I lost everything that I had written. I threw my hands in the air & am now deciding to try again. Me & technology sometimes just don't get along.

Mom & I had a great drive down until we reached the highway from hell ( I know that's a pretty strong statement but by the time I reached the end I thought I wanted to die). Had a case of car/motion sickness (TMI I know but its what happened). I was so very thankful for my mom being there. When you're sick there's nothing like having mom there to take care of you.

We had 2.5 days of workshops & a lecture on scrap quilts. I'm in the process of making 2 quilts from each pattern in completly different color ways. Its amazing how different a quilt looks when you change the colors from the original.

Workshop #1: was "My Kansas" quilt. It is a medallion quilt with a checkerboard center followed with a log cabin & string (foundation) pieced borders.
This is Joan with 2 of her string border blocks

This is Sondra,she is a new quilter & she did a fantastic job. She is now liberated from using pins & being matchy matchy. She came to class with all of her strings in nice neat rows & I think color coordinated. I asked her first if I could help free her from being matchy matchy. She said yes, so I took all of her strings & floofed them in air. She made a loud gasp! I said now just put your hand in the pile grab a string & sew it to the next one on your foundation. Let random happen! She did & said that she had much more fun with the string piecing & her blocks turned out beautifully!

Workshop#2: "Nostalgia". This is a fun pattern using half square triangles, 2.5" strips & the EZ angle ruler.

Workshop #3: Praire Stones. This is a fun pattern to work with your scraps or with precuts & to learn partial seams.


Thank you Hill N" Hollow quilt guild I had a great time!

I hope that y'all are having a great day, more later on,