Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday morning workout + what I'm working on

Good Morning! It's been an active morning already. Yesterday we gave all of the cows & calves their shots & put them in the back pasture. It's later than what we normally do but fence & dam fixing had to be done first. I got the 4-wheeler out this am to go & check them. Dear husband reminded me that I would have to pull start it, no problem. I got it going, went & checked the cows everything is good right? Nope. When I came back through the gate I noticed that the top hinge had been sheared right at the pole

Another angle

No problem I'll just tie it up with baling wire because anything can be fixed with baling wire. Well I did that & texted husband to give him the heads up on what was going on. He wanted a chain added as well. So I go to start the 4-wheeler & the silly thing will not start. I tried everything that I knew to get it going but it would not start. Maybe I had flooded it. So I decided to walk back to the house/barns & got my chain. I chained the gate to the post
I went to start the 4-wheeler & that silly thing still wouldn't start. Grr, this was not how I wanted to start my Monday. I called dear husband but he was on the phone so I left a message & started pushing the 4-wheeler back to the house
I get half way home dear husband calls & tells me another "trick" to get it going & it starts right up. I felt like a fool. I'm back at home & I don't think that I need to go to the gym today.  I've already gotten my workout in. 

On the sewing front I was able to get this done

Woohoo! So excited to have it done. I'll take it to Theresa ( my LAQ) when I get this string quilt done. 

All of the 80 string blocks are done I'm working on the sashing & 9 patch cornerstones. I've got to run a few errands but I hope to spend my day sewing. Hope y'all are having a good Monday morning. More later on,


Monday, May 12, 2014

What I'm working on today

Well today I can breathe. Last week was just jam packed. We had our guilds anniversary party, & it was a huge success. My kiddo had a band concert & a track meet that we were helping at this week as well. Yesterday was so busy that I forgot to call my Mom. I think that she understood, she knew what we were working cows. We will celebrate her Mothers Day & my kiddos 12th Birthday this weekend. 

I didn't get a chance to sew all week last week so hopefully I can make up for it this week. I did get a chance to do some hand sewing. I'm working on this embroidery project for my friend Liz. 

I just have one more outside border & then I can add a border of this 

The thread is a variegated blue to purple & this batik matched pretty close. I'm hoping to get it to my LAQ this week. I've already got 2 more embroidery projects waiting in the wings. I also need to get a binding on that off set Log Cabin quilt so that I can call it done! Lots to do but first I need to run errands in town. Hope y'all are having a good Monday. More later on,


Thursday, May 8, 2014

No worries, it's just a little pee

Yesterday one of our first calf Heifers (first time mom) had her baby. She did well. She didn't need any help. Her baby is small. It can walk under momma's belly. I know this because I watched her do it. She might be 50lbs. 

Well I hadn't watched her eat from her momma so this am dear husband went out & got her to eating. When I got home from town this am I went out to check on her ( I hadnt changed from my exercise clothes yet). She  wasn't up & bouncing around so  dear husband asked me to take them & put them in the barn. I got the other heifers into another pen scooped up the baby & off we went to the barn. Once there I got momma some grain & checked her udder. All 4 teats were good so baby should be getting milk. I got baby & put one of momma's teats in her mouth & that silly calf peed on my leg. 
( I took this pic once I got inside)

I called dear husband & told him that baby peed on me & that I think she's getting something otherwise she wouldn't have peed on me. He thought this was hilarious. 

Now momma & baby are situated in the barn. Hay has been fed & I can get a shower. There's lots to do. The guilds anniversary party is tonight. More later on,


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What I'm working on

Well life has been extra busy this last week & it's going to continue through the weekend. What I'm currently working on are the decorations for my quilt guilds 20th anniversary party. We are the Sunflower Piecemakers quilt guild so we needed to have sunflowers in our decorations. I ordered 100 fresh sunflowers on Amazon. They arrived today all the way from Bogota Columbia. I can't believe that these beautiful symbols of Kansas came from South America

Each lady there will be able to take one home.

Next up are these napkin rings. 

The ring is made from a measuring tape. My brilliant husband came up with that idea. I got very acquainted with my hot glue gun. Now all I can do is get my stuff all together & wait for Thursday. Hope y'all have a good night. More later on,