Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oops, pattern change.

I posted a little while ago that I was working on a quilt that I was going to make on my treadle. I was excited & ready to go. This past weekend I was looking at the pattern in detail & noticed that it used 1.5" strips, I have been working with 2" strips. Oops! I then went looking for a pattern that used 2" Strips. I found one in Bonnie Hunter's book"Adventure's in Leaders & Enders" it is called "Rick Rack Nines". It uses 290 nine patches. I currently have 160 nine patches started ( 2 out of the 3 sections are put together). I am off  to treadle more strips together. Happy sewing everyone!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

My treadle project

I am going to make a quilt Completely on my treadle. I am hoping that by the time I'm done that my skills on the treadle will have improved. I'm going to make "Crabapples". It is a quilt by Bonnie Hunter in her book " Adventures in Leaders & Enders". I will be using my Civil War Reproduction fabrics ( just because I have a lot of them). I'll keep you updated on my progress. Off to go sew,


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A very heavy quilt

There is a certain excitement when I finish a big quilt project. I think this quilt has been in the works for the past 4-6 weeks. My husband keeps encouraging me to make more complex quilts so that I don't visit my Quilter as much. This quilt uses up A LOT of fabric! There are 168 4.5" string blocks & 840 half square triangles. All of the fabric came from my scrappy stash! Here are some pictures of the quilt in progress. Enjoy!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Scrappy Treasures

Yesterday I Received a call from a Quilty friend telling me she had 2 bags of scrap for me! I told her that I would pick them up in a few hours. Boy was I surprised when I saw how big the bags were & they were heavy.  Later in the afternoon I was able to go through them. Oh what treasures. It was like a mini stash in 2 bags. Once sorted there were piles. Batiks, yardage, novelties,bindings,flannel & all of the color families.  These will find their ways into the correct spots in my sewing room. I am truly blessed that quilters would give me their scraps. They will be used! Looking forward to playing in the scraps & it's time to go sew some of them. I hope y'all have a great day, 


Monday, May 13, 2013

Pedal Power!

I got a treadle this weekend! I am so excited! It is a 1914 Singer 66 Redeye. It is in beautiful condition for being 99 years old. I spent my afternoon on Saturday cleaning it. My dear Husband put a new belt on it & I was off. We (me, my kiddo & husband) all took a turn on it. We started off with just a piece of paper under the presser foot so that we could learn the technique. My husband was a natural at it but he is a natural with anything mechanical. Me & my kiddo it took just a little bit more time but not much. It kind of reminds me of driving a stick shift car/truck. You have to "time" things just right & get a "feel" for your machine. 
I did wind a bobbin last night. That was fun to watch & I sewed on it!!! It was so much fun to sew on it!! I think it has a beautiful stitch. 
On the first pic I put a cloth behind the machine so that I wouldn't spatter anything on the butterfly quilt.  
The second pic is my test run last night!
Have a great afternoon. I'm hoping to treadle soon.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Scrappy gifts

This past weekend my friend Maria gifted me with these 2 scrap bags! What a great surprise. She told me about the shop were she got them & from what she said I need to go! Scrap bags for $2! When I go I will take pictures.

On Saturday it was my quilt guilds quilt show. It was the first time I have entered a quilt into a quilt show. My Perkiomen Daydreams quilt ( designed by Bonnie Hunter in her book Scraps & Shirtails) got second place! There was also a treadle sewing machine that you could demo. Both my kiddo & I loved it! It is so much fun. So now I am on the hunt for a treadle. If anyone knows where I can find one just let me know.

Just an update on my endless ironing from yesterday I finally did finish my pile & started sewing the hst together. Time to go. Lots needs to get done before my kiddo gets home from school.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Endless ironing & bread!

I'm making bread & ironing the day away. While the bread is rising I am trying to iron as many of these half square triangles. There are 840 of them. We'll see how many if them I can get done before the breads done. Have a great day y'all !

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Triangles & strings everywhere!

I have spent the last week going through my Civil War reproduction scraps. I have a lot of them. I have switched things up a bit. I'm now working on "Jamestown Landing" by Bonnie Hunter. It is in her book "String Fling"(pic #1). I've made all of the 168 4.5" string blocks. (Pic #2). Now I am on to the 840 half square triangles. They've all been cut & now I am in the process of sewing them together. (Pic #3) Since it is such a lousy weather day outside I'll just stay in & sew! Hope y'all have a great day!