Monday, May 13, 2013

Pedal Power!

I got a treadle this weekend! I am so excited! It is a 1914 Singer 66 Redeye. It is in beautiful condition for being 99 years old. I spent my afternoon on Saturday cleaning it. My dear Husband put a new belt on it & I was off. We (me, my kiddo & husband) all took a turn on it. We started off with just a piece of paper under the presser foot so that we could learn the technique. My husband was a natural at it but he is a natural with anything mechanical. Me & my kiddo it took just a little bit more time but not much. It kind of reminds me of driving a stick shift car/truck. You have to "time" things just right & get a "feel" for your machine. 
I did wind a bobbin last night. That was fun to watch & I sewed on it!!! It was so much fun to sew on it!! I think it has a beautiful stitch. 
On the first pic I put a cloth behind the machine so that I wouldn't spatter anything on the butterfly quilt.  
The second pic is my test run last night!
Have a great afternoon. I'm hoping to treadle soon.


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