Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mrs. Indecisive has turned into Mrs. I've made up my mind

Last week for the life of me I could not make up my mind. I was a rudderless boat being taken wherever the wind would take me. I've been working on 2 quilts at the same time. Quilt #1 is the Kansas rbr quilt which is due at next month's guild meeting. I'd wanted to use hexagons & the first method flopped & so I went to the next method & I think we have a winner! I've put a row of hexies between each row & I've got all of the rows sewn together. The quilt is pretty long & narrow so I'm going to put a panel of hexies on the right side of the rows to make it a bit wider. It's looking like another big quilt. I just have problems going small I guess.

I'm using the "Mad City Moma" quilt as my L/E quilt. This is the quilt that I was so incredibly indecisive about. Here's the block 

I was loving how this was looking & was making it just like the pattern. Here's all 16 blocks laid out on the floor.

The original design has yellow sashings & purple corner stones so I went into my stash & found those colors in batiks

I liked it but the more I looked at it the more those star points on the sides of the blocks bothered me. So I cut out some more black squares & now we have this option.

The issue that I had with this option was that you only saw the stars, because they really pop out at you & you miss the background beauty. The hum hauling & going back & forth was making me crazy & I just needed to make a choice & go with it. So I'm making the second option with all of the black stars. There will be a inner black border followed by a wide pieced (using all of the leftover 1.5" squares) outer border. 

Farm news: I think that I'm starting to understand the word bog. Since Thanksgiving we've had close to 7" of rain. The ponds are the fullest that I've ever seen them. We've also decided that this would be the best time to dig a trench to put a waterer back in the pasture. Complete insanity but we've gotta have that waterer. Yesterday while feeding hay I had to drive over the filled in part of the trench & the back tire of the tractor sank & I was stuck. I'm very greatful for 4 wheel drive! I really shouldn't be complaining though, we could be trying to do this in the freezing cold. Last week before the latest storm we had 3 days that was over 60. Incredible. If you don't like the weather just wait a bit & you'll get another season. 

I hope that y'all are having a great day. More later on,


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Side tracked & changing taste buds

Well I got side tracked big time last week. I was supposed to be working on my VIP projects & I did try. I am pursuing using hexagons on my Kansas rbr quilt. When I laid it out I was frustrated because it was not working like I had it pictured in my head. I just wanted something to put under the needle. So I gathered up all of the Kansas rbr pieces & went in search of something that I could sew. I found a 2 gallon zip lock bag full of 1.5" strips. A while back I had gone through a bunch of my batik scraps & I cut the scraps up to their fullest potential & got a 2 gallon bag of 1.5" strips, 1 gallon 2" strips  & 1 gallon of 2.5" strips.

My original plan was to make Bonnie Hunters "Crabapple" quilt using the 1.5" strips. I had already started making little 9 patches using the 1.5" strips. I just wasn't feeling it anymore & decided (because we can) to change course & make "Mad City Mama" instead. 
The strips were dumped on the kitchen table & now I needed to make 25 patches. While sewing the 25 patches I thought well what if I made the center square another 25 patch that way I would be able to use up more of the scraps. So that's what I did & got all of them finsished up last night. I made the mistake of looking on Pinterest last night & found some wonderful eye candy when I looked up Mad City Mama. Someone used the same colored center square as the star points & it just made the quilt glo. So now I've changed tactics again, maybe. I'll lay it out both ways & decided which I like better.

All of this got started last Friday into Saturday. While I was sewing on MCM, a new way for me to use the hexagons popped into my head but I was already working on MCM. So now I'm sewing like a mad woman trying to get one done so that I can work on another & enjoy myself along the way. I'll keep y'all updated on my progress.

I am a firm believer that your taste buds change over time. Just because you like something now doesn't always mean you'll like it in 5-10 years. Well my taste buds have been changing  & it's throwing my husband for a loop. First I used to be a HUGE Dr.Pepper fan & now I can't stand it & I only want Pepsi. Second, I have been a fan of coffe forever & I really like it when it's cold outside. My taste buds have changed & I'm experimenting with tea. I should state that I'm a southern girl when it used to come to tea, I liked it cold & with sugar! Well in town there is a wonderful British tea (Queens Pantry qptea.com) shop that has everything you could want in regards to tea. I stopped by the other day & came home with 2 different teas & directions on how to make it using my french press. So far I'm a big fan of the Creme Brûlée tea.

I'd better get my rear in gear. I need to make some bread before going to my church tonight. The church puts on a large production depicting life in Bethlehem at the time when Jesus was born. Everyone chips in & helps & I love that. I get to work in the costume department! It'll be a fun & fast evening. I also need to get the Christmas tree up. Tried to yesterday but the lights on the tree would not come on. Husband had to "MacGyver" it last year for the lights to work & this year they just weren't going to come on so he got us a new one. I would have gone & picked it out but I have a depth perception problem & the one time I did pick out a tree it filled up our tiny house. I guess I just like to go big!  

I hope that y'all are doing well. I'll write more later on, 


Friday, November 27, 2015

When life gives you ice you stay inside & quilt!

I woke up to this this morning,
When I can't see out of my front room window because of a glaze of ice, it's just better if I stay inside & sew! That is my goal, that & turn off the furnace but the men of my family are inside currently & they like it hot to almost stifeling & I'm about to die. Husband is currently under 2 quilts, crazy head.

I'm working on finishing up the stocking project. This has definetley been a pain, oops I mean a challenge for me. A friend asked if I would make a stocking to match one that she already has & well it's been a little bit more of a challenge than anticipated. 
The original is on the right & my version is on the left. Not too bad for no pattern. The challenge lies in the cuff (Here's the orginal)
& here's what I've got so far
Now since this picture was taken the machine embroidery has been added & I'm trying to figure out how to get it attached. It's not as simple as you would think becuase of the binding on the out side of the stocking makes the outside a lot bigger than the inside. I've got a plan & I'm hoping that it works. When it does there will be a serious happy dance going on here!

I'm also working on the Kansas row by row quilt for my quilt guild. It is due at the January meeting & I'm really getting down to the wire. I've decided on using hexagons & have figured out how to make that work, I think. When I have it laid out on the floor I'll post a pic.
 When I was making my rows (Kansas Dugout was the block I used) I had just enough of the main fabric to finish everyone elses rows but not my own. So when Mom & I were out in Effingham Ks, home to Kansas Troubles I found the same fabric!!!
So I need to finish up making my row & then I can get started on the quilt. More pics to come!

Not to much new farm news. The cows are doing their best to hunker down & wait out the nasty weather. If you can give them a dry place, & all of the hay they can eat, water with no ice & grain they are pretty hardy creatures.

I hope that y'all had a great Thanksgiving. More later on,



Saturday, November 7, 2015

The craziness of life

My world has been turned on its head. My husband is & will be working the night shift for the forseeable future. I'm not use to having him home during the day & it's been an adjustment. My normal schedule does not work anymore. I never realized I was that loud until I had to be quiet. My family would probably laugh at that because I have been compared to a "bull in a china shop" before. I'm trying my best to find the silver lining in this experience & what I've come up with is that DH is getting much more sleep than he usually does. I'm also learning that I need to be more flexible & adaptable to all of the different things that come my way. With this new schedule I've been having a much harder time working in my sewing time. I NEED MY SEWING TIME!  So today I just did it. There were some things that just didn't get done but I was ok with that because I needed/wanted to sew. 

I'm continuing to work on my Smith Mountain Morning quilt. I just have 15 more blocks to make & all 121 will be done!! I can not express how excited I am about that! I'm really putting the pressure on myself to get these blocks made in the next day or so. I had completely forgotten that I had committed to work on a project for a friend that needed it before December. Nothing like forgetting about it & racing to get it done at the last minute. I've got it laid out & I'm pretty sure on how I'm going to work on it. I'll share some pics when I start working on it. Before I can work on it though I want to get all of the SMM quilt blocks done because I do not want to loose any of the pieces. 

It has been just beautiful here in Kansas the last couple of weeks. To the point that it is hard to believe that it is the begining of November & I'm still wearing my flip flops. I'm finding it hard to get into the holiday spirit. I think that I'm really wanting the cold weather. I was a little over anxious the other day & wore a sweater & turtle neck in the morning, ran into town for a few errands, came home & changed into a short sleeved t-shirt. I just need to be patient it'll get here soon enough. 
I do hope that y'all are having a great day! 

More later on,


Friday, October 30, 2015

It's been busy & finding my new normal.

Life has been busy & I have fallen behind on my blogging. Here's a quick recap since the last post.
Mom & I went to the Lake of the Ozarks for two days of workshops & trunkshows with the Lake Are Quilt Network. The Lake Are Quilt Network is made up of 5 smaller guilds in the area that get together & have speakers or workshops twice a year.  We had a fabulous time & met some wonderful quilters.

For the workshops I asked the quilters to bring their scraps in bags, buckets or baskets whatever they had available. They spread out & dumped out their scraps & had a great time!

We were working on my pattern "Prairie Stones". It's a fun block with 1 set in/partil seam. 

      My Tuesday group

     My Wednesday group

Thank you for having me, Mom & I had a fantastic time!

A quick update on lil squirt the tiny calf. He's doing very well. He is still very small but he is growing & is starting to find his moo (it's not that impressive yet but it'll get there). Here's a pic of him yesterday playing in the hay feeder.

On the quilty front I have been working on Smith Mountain Mornings (Bonnie Hunters workshop). I'm half way done making the blocks 60 done 61 more to go!

My impatient nature is getting the better of me & it's making me very anxious to get it done. I'm looking forward to seeing it done. For some odd reason when I started putting the blocks together I was using pins, crazy head because the seams were not matching up. I stopped using the pins & bingo my blocks looked much better. I'd like to have it done before my next guild meeting but we'll see. I like to have deadlines. It helps keep me focused with a goal. 

I hope that y'all are having a fantastic day. The weather here is getting colder, which I'm loving! Turn that furnace off & open the windows! Love that fresh air with no pollen! Kiddo is marching in a Halloween parade in a few hours. He's going to be a construction worker (easy costume & easy to play his saxaphone). More later on,


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The delinquent blogger

I am a delinquent blogger. I've been so busy & I've just not sat down to type out a blog post. It all started a few weeks ago when it was time to pick pears. We've got a very old pear tree in the front yard that produces enormus amounts of pears. Between my friend Maria, my kiddo & me we got the whole tree picked in one day. We have to use the backhoe so that she can reach the top of the tree!

This tree makes beautiful pears

Here's this years pear harvest

That's a lot of pears! These are just the good ones. We sorted them & gave the small ones or the ones that weren't quite good enough to the cows. 

It has taken a few weeks for them to rippen in the garage but they are ready to be worked up. Maria has come up twice & then she came up again this past Sunday with Randi to can pears. We spent 5 hours & 10 gallons of pears to make 33 pints of cinnamon pears. They are yummy!

On the quilting front I made myself finish my current Civil War scrappy quilt before I could work on Bonnies Smith Mountain Morning quilt. I finally got it done this past week & was able to give it to my LAQ at guild meeting. Here it is some what laid out on my living room floor
I tweeked the pattern & well it didn't quite turn out like my sketch. I didn't figure the row width correctly & the quilts dimensions turned out to be 87x119. Holy Cow that was long! I decided to take the botton row off & not put on borders. I will finish it with a scrappy binding & call it good. I really like how it has turned out & am really happy to call it done!

So now I can turn my attention to the batik beauty!!! Yeah!!!!

On the cow/farm front it's been nuts. The fall calves have started to arrive. We've had a set of twins with one of the babies not claimed by its momma. So another cow stepped up & adopted it & is feeding it along with her own. She's a rock star! About a week or so ago we had Squirt. He is so small! This is him & his momma when he was first born,
We are guessing he weighed about 40lbs when he was first born (which is incredibly small. We like them to be in the 80-90lbs range when born). I could scoop him up in one had & carry him. We brought him & his momma to the house so that we could feed him with a bottle & watch him. His momma is not a tall cow but he could walk under her belly & have about a 2" clearance between him & her.

He's doing much better eating his bottle & trying to eat more from momma, which is very good!

Also I almost forgot a week & a half ago mom & I went to Belleville, KS to speak to the Heart of the Prairie Quilt guild. It was a fun time with a great group of quilters. Thank you for having us!

I hope that y'all are having a great fall. I love this time of year. The weather is getting cooler & that makes me very happy. More later on,


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Meeting Bonnie on Monday

Yesterday I got to meet Bonnie Hunter! Oh my good gravy that was exciting! I have been a huge fan for years. I remember when my friend/Long Arm Quilter told me about her website quiltville.com Oh my goodness the flood gates of possiblities was open! I was an instant fan. I read about all of her travels & presentations to quilt guilds all over the globe & was inspired. 

Back to yesterday. A friend of a friend was the one who was originally going but because of work conflicts she would be unable to. Huge bummer for her but what an awesome opportunity for me! I found out about a week in advance that I would be able to go. It was going to be an all day workshop on her pattern " Smith Mountain Morning". I had wanted to make this quilt for a while but  I just hadn't quite gotten there yet. Now it was crunch time & I needed to make some choices on what fabrics I was going to use. I didnt feel the scrappy vibe on this one. I figured that since I was in the midst of a huge Civil War scrappy quilt that I could dig into the batik yardage for the SMM quilt. Black was going to be my background (shocker right?) & the other two colors were going to be a purple batik ( Kinda went crazy & bought a huge amount of this when a quilt store was going out of business) & a pretty multicolored batik. Here are my blocks from yesterday

My goal was to get enough blocks done so that I could get a glimpse of what the quilt would look like.
Once I saw these blocks done my excitment level rose. My table mate Maggie & I were on a round table so when I got blocks done I put them on the empty table behind me

This is what I was able to get accomplished in yesterdays class. I LOVE IT!!  Now the problem is what project do I work on now? I'm not generally in this spot, two projects going at once. Most likely I'll finish the Civil War quilt & then reward myself with this beauty! Plus I need to sketch it out because you know me it needs to be BIG, & so I know how many more blocks I'll need to make.

I was able to get my picture with Bonnie,

To say that I was/am happy is an understatement. It was an incredible experience & I'm so glad that my friend got me in touch with her friend so that I could go. Thank you to the Stitch by Stitch guild in Marshall MO. All of the the ladies were so very friendly & welcoming. It was a wonderful day & not one that I will forget any time soon.

Check out what other quilters are up to at patchworktimes.com
Have a great evening.

More later on,


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Enough done to get a glimpse

I'm the type of quilter that likes to get all of one step done of a block/quilt before I move on to the next.
That way I know that I've got all of my pieces done & that I don't loose any. Well my curiosity has gotten the best of me, because I have the patience of a knat, & so I had to make some blocks. 

Oh my goodness I LOVE IT!!! It's going to be beautiful & definetly unique. I've not made anything like this before. I'm not sure yet what I'll do on the borders but it'll come to me. I've got a little bit before I have to make those choices.

This is a current pattern from American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. I loved the pattern all except that they chopped off half of the blocks. I understand that is how the antique quilt was made but I'm not going to do that! I've worked hard for these & it would kill me to cut them in half.

So my solution is this

Please excuse my chicken scratches but sometimes you just need to jot it down. That way I would know that I had enough blocks/pieces made & my lay out will work. 

It's ok to modify a pattern to make it the way you want your quilt. It would not be ok for me to claim this as my own, which I'm not. The designers who create new patterns or who've designed patterns from antique/vintage quilts have done the hard work for you. They have figured the math to make sure that everything works. It's then up to you the quiltmaker to make your quilt uniquely yours.
(Though you still need to give credit to the original designer).

 It's also important to know that there is more than one way to skin a cat ( gotta give credit to my FIL, that was his line). There is more than one way to make all of the units that we as quilters use. Find the best that works for you with the sizes that you use. On the same hand don't be afraid to try a new technique. You might find something new that you like.

Ok time to get off the soap box. I guess I just want to encourage you to make your quilts  UNIQUELY YOURS!

I hope that y'all are having a good evening. It was a gorgeous day & I enjoyed it.

More later on,


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday was just to busy

Yesterday was full. I was able to get some sewing done! Yeah! That was the first time since Friday that I was able to sew. I almost got all of the third layer on the current quilt done.
I ran out of my muslin triangles, there are just a few more & then this layer will be done. This has been a skill building quilt for me. Learning how to work with 60 degree angles is not something that I've worked with often. They're not bad though, just different. I'll post more pics once I get the last layer on. I'm getting anxious to see what these blocks will look like.

Farm News!

This year has been a hard one for the cows & their feet. Foot rot ( a cows version of athletes foot) has been more of an issue than usual. With all of the rain that we've had it's made foot rot a common term this summer. With a simple shot & some time down at the barn with some TLC they bounce back & are just fine. 

The problem is that you've got to get them down here from the pasture & that can be easier said than done. Before the kiddo & I headed off to get them the pens down at the barn had to arranged so that we could get the cows were we needed them so that we could sort the one off that had the sore foot.
We were off! The kiddo & I found the herd in the pasture &  I would walk with the bucket & he would come behind the herd to make sure that we got everyone down.

Usually it's my husbands job to walk with the bucket. I think that you've got to have nerves of steel. All of our cows know what a bucket means, grain! So off we go. As I'm walking I'm hearing hooves & cows getting much closer & soon they part around me & take off for the lane down to the house. They know they're getting some feed. Well  while I'm walking blissfully towards the house kiddo is having issues & half the herd breaks & runs the opposite way. To make a long story short I get the first part of the herd going down the lane, kiddo takes them the rest of the way & I"m head back for the last bunch. The hoodlum calves (calves that are about 6 months old, (they have the same mindset as 14-15 year old human males) were in this bunch. Thankfully we got them down & I noticed that my heels were starting to hurt. Hmmm.

The cow with the sore foot (aka: Trouble Maker) was in the first pen along with a few of the hoodlum calves & a brand new baby. We needed to sort the calves off & put her in another pen so we could play ring around the rosie with cows & pens & get everyone where they needed to be. Trouble maker just wasn't having any part of it. I was maning the sorting gate & here she comes, she wants out! I'm closing the gate & she's trying to get her head through & my left knee comes in contact with her head & she backs off, thankfully. I think, man that's going to be sore & tell kiddo that we're going to have to go about this in a different way. Well we manage to get her in the right pen & now we have to figue out who this new baby belongs to. Usually the momma will come right to it when it balls (moo's). No one was stepping up to the job. Husband gets home from work about now, thank the Lord & we (He thinks that the new baby belongs to Trouble Maker. Easy fix put baby with momm, give momma some feed & baby goes to get some milk. Everyone is happy.

On to the next cow. In her younger years she was a handful when she didn't have a baby & when she did you needed to giver her a wide berth. She was in the foot recovery ward & had her baby. I could tell that she did't feel that good because she allowed me to pick up her baby & carry it to another pen. We stayed & watched her & her baby to see if it would eat & it wasn't having much luck. So husband gets the pen ready & well she doesn't like him but he did get her in. Come to find out she didn't have much milk to give to her calf. So we made a bottle & this is what we were doing last night. We all took our turn feeding the cutie!
Me & Blanco (good friend Liz just named him). He's a sweetie!
Husband taking his turn
& kiddo taking his.

Finally getting home after 10pm & taking my boots off, my feet hurt. Yuppers big 50 cent piece size blisters on each heal. Time to get new boots. So between sore feet & a sore knee there will be no yoga this am. I'll have to go & check on Blanco & the others in the sore foot pen here soon & I'll be wearing flip flops!

On one last thing before I go. A few days ago I got a fun text from a quilty friend of mine. She had a friend who was going to Bonnie Hunters  workshop in Marshall MO but would be unable to go & would I like to take her spot? Ummm, YES! I so excited! More on that to come.

I do hope that y'all are doing well. Thanks for being patient while I was being long winded with the story of my night last night. Have a great day! Check out what other quilters are up to at patchworktimes.com


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Finding something that was lost uncovered things I'd forgotten I had

I was on the hunt this week for a set of keys that I had missplaced. I was wishing that it had been something bigger that way it would have been easier to find. I was tearing apart my sewing room, moving stacks & totes of fabric to no avail I could not find those keys. What I did find was that I now had a messy sewing room & as I turned around my rumpus hit a stack of quilts that went tumbling to the floor. That was the last straw. I was fed up with my stacks of fabric & quilts, it was time to do something about it. In coming to that realization I accepted the fact that I was running out of room & I wasn't entirely sure on how to deal with it.

First things first my sewing room is very small, 10'x10'. I have a large cutting table against one wall & on the other is sturdy shelves. There is fabric under the cutting table, in front of the closet door & the shelves. I have also started a stash of leftover batting. Whenever I get a quilt back from my longarmer I just put those pieces under the table. Well I think I need to bite the bullet & take the time to sew them together. That way it would use them up & same me some money.

Second: I have thought of selling some of my quilts. The problem that I have is that I have not been able to find anyone who is willing to pay for what they are worth. The majority of the time people (non quilters) want  a handmade quilt for a Wal-Mart price. That is just not possible. I have listed some quilts on a Facebook page but was told (by fellow quilters) that I was asking to little & that I was not asking an appropriate price. I agreed but also knew that I was not going to sell them at the price that I was asking & I didn't. 

Third: Books & Patterns. I think that I have enough different patterns, books & magazines to last me my entire lifetime. I like making other designers patterns as well as my own. What do I do with them? I had the crazy idea to get a hand scanner & scan all of the patterns & put them on a thumb drive. It would definetly save on space. I've not completly thrown that idea out the window but I am technology challenged & I'm just not sure yet.

I'm not sure what the answer will be on how to solve this issue. In the whole scheme of things this really isn't that big of an issue. I do know that I am going to be working on it & I will share whatever ideas that pop into my head. I will also let you know which ones work & which ones don't. I hope this hasn't been to much of a downer. I'm fired up & will find a solution.

I hope that y'all are having a great day. It's beautiful here.

More later on,


p.s. I did find the keys, they were in my car. Good place for them right? I'm just happy I found them.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday morning has come around again.

WARNING!!!! THIS IS A LONG POST WITH LOTS OF PICTURES! Get your favorite beverage put your feet up & enjoy!

This is the first Monday morning of my kiddo back at school. He started last week but this will be his first full week. How did I commemorate it? I took a nap! Man that felt good, but now it's time to get some things done. I've got my Pepsi & I'm ready to tackle the day!

First off I want to thank the two quilt guilds that hosted me the last two Tuesdays. The first was Walnut Valley Quilters Guild in Winfield/Arkansas City Ks. That was a fun fast day. Mom & I drove down (3 hours) the morning of the presentations. We made good time, because you can drive 80mph on the turnpike. We had enough time to hit the local quilt shop Field to Fabric.
Mom was funny. You see the wire rack right behind us? It stopped her in her tracks & within the first five minutes she had 3 things already on the table ready to buy. What was also different was that she bought more than I did which never happens. We were able to have lunch with her cousin & get to the church to set up in plenty of time. They have 2 guilds and afternoon & an evening. I had a great time at both. I was busy & it completly slipped my mind to take pictures :(

Last Monday we were in Salina KS with the Silver Needlers. It was a great time with a bunch of fun & talented ladies. I did remember to take a few pictures
It was fantastic location for their meetings.

On our way home Tuseday Mom wanted to take the long way home & go through Concordia KS to visit the Orphan Train Museum. She's found out in recent years that we had ancestors who were riders. I was good with that so we maped out all of the quilt stores on the way there. First up was
Kansas Troubles in Bennington KS. Yup all of those KT fabrics that you love this is there home store.
We had to finish our coffee before we went in so we soaked up some Vitamin D at the cute table outside. Here's a peak at the inside of the store
Lots of things to look at.

Next up is No Place Like Home in Minneapolis KS. I love that these small towns in KS have quilt stores!

This store had the best deal on their scraps that I've ever seen, a large bag for a quarter! That's just about free. It was a great store.

We moved on to Concordia KS but the museum was closed for lunch so we found their local quilt store Fabric Essentials & had fun looking around.
We went around the corner & had lunch at "Heavy's" That cracked me up & it was good food. 
Now it was time for the Orphan Train Museum. Mom had waited a long time to go so we had planned on taking our time.

She had a great time & we both learned a lot. A lot of orphans found new loving homes because of one man who started it all. She's started the process of finding out more on our ancestors. If you're ever in the area I highly reccomend it.

Now we were headed to Belleville KS. It is located right on HWY 36 which is what we needed to get home & lucky us there was a quilt shop! I could have spent a lot more time in Sew Country. 

There was so much to look at that we had to browse quickly but we both left with treasures & had fun.

I feel like I'm rambling but I'm trying to catch up on whats been going on. I should split it up into multiple posts but if I don't do it now chances are I will forget. 

Saturday August 15 I took a wool appliqué class with my local guild. I love appliqué but have always been intimidated by it, therefore I've never done it by hand. I'm not a big fan of appliqué by machine. If I'm on the machine I'd rather be piecing. I bought my pattern & a kit 

& I was ready to go. Now the original pattern background used a light blue, well that's just not me so I switched things up & my background is black! Here's my first block laid out.
I'm really enjoying it. I have finished this block & I have moved on to the next block, daffodils. I'll keep y'all updated on my progress.

I found the time to finish up the alternate color way of "Prairie Stones" 

Sorry that it's not the best picture but I LOVE how it turned out. All of the fabric except the purple outer border are all scraps from my stash. This is a fun quilt to make. I've almost finished writing the pattern. 

Now that it's finished I need to decided what to work on next. There are lots of projects to start, some to finish. This pattern from the recent American Patchwork & Quilting caught my eye

I've got all of the fabrics for this beauty. While I was cutting strips for the latest 10,000 piece quilt I was cutting the scraps to get the best use out of the scraps. So that left me with 1.5" strips (used those in the 10,000 piece quilt) 2' strips ( you can see my daffodil block in progress). We'll see how far these strips will take me. The pattern says that the quilt is 75.5"x78". Well thats just not big enough for me. As of right now I'm going to plan on bigger.
The 2.5" strips I'm going to be using those for my next Leader/Ender quilt. There were so many that they filled the container.

I'm cutting them into half square triangles. There's a pattern idea floating around in my head on how I want to use them up. 

Lastly I've not done as well as I had wanted to on my embroidery. I have worked on it a lot more but I've just not been able to do a flower a day. Just a few more stitches & block 3 will be done!

 I do hope that y'all are doing well. I'll try & blog more often so that the next post comes to you quicker & isn't so lengthy. I'm enjoying the weather here in KS. It's in the 70's with sunshine & low humidity (which is crazy in August). Check out what other quilters are up to at patchworktimes.com
More later on,


Friday, August 14, 2015

Unexpected gifts

In May I was able to go to Manhattan KS & speak to both quilt guilds. I had a great time & was able to meet some wonderful quilters. A few weeks ago I got a large box in the mail. My kiddo asked what I had ordered & My reply was nadda. I was curious. Inside I found a wonderful letter & box full of scraps!
Good Gravey this is the largest box of scraps that anyone has ever sent me!
Mandy R thank you so much for thinking of me & passing these beautiful bits of possibilities on to me.
Now it's time to sort them & get them into their proper homes so that they can be used up! I hope that y'all are having a great day. It has started early here but it's good so far. More later on,