Thursday, March 29, 2018

Handwork, scraps & smokin some chicken

It has been busy around here & I’ve just not made the time to sit down & write. Well today I’m just going to put lunch on hold & type a few words. I’ve been busy working on my hand work projects for a new program that I’m putting together. It’s slow, ya know because its hand work. I’m trying not to get stressed over it &  I am trying to enjoy the process.  With my dear husband working from home now I have to be more intentional with how I can get my sewing time in. Yesterday my plan was to smoke some chickens for supper & hopefully have enough for supper & a few lunches. I got my fire & smoke going & all was well. The chickens were coming along pretty good but I realized that I had way to many coals after they were done. So at about 6pm last night I put more chicken in the smoker because I didn’t want to waste all of those good coals. 

So after we had supper & I had somewhat cleaned up the kitchen (why clean it up all the way when there’s more chicken that’s got to come in) I sat down with my latest big stitch hand quilting project & started in. I made pretty good head way last night because I was still stitching at midnight. I brought in the chicken at 9pm because the coals just weren’t puttin out the heat anymore, so I put the chicken in the oven to finish cooking (at a low temp). They finally reached temp at 11pm. Well you can’t take them straight from the oven & then into the fridge. So while they cooled I kept stitching.  I”m going to have to get a lot more thread. 2 rounds around the outside pink triangles & the echo work on the bottom has used up almost 1 spool of thread. 

I had a sew day with my good friend Kathy G last Thursday & was indecisive on what project I needed to work on. So I think I took 5. Oh mercy,
I pushed my 1,000 pyramids quilt that had been my Leader/Ender project (it seems like it’s been an L/E forever) to th of the first in line. Low & behold I got it done!!! Woo hoo! All of the triangles are scraps. The black & the the border fabric are purchased yardage. It is HUGE!!! 91”x110”  I know  I shouldn’t be surprised anymore but sometimes I still amazed at my predilection to anything big. 

I’ve also had a huge finish in the embroidery catergory. I finished all 8 panels of the purple poises & now I’m working on the piecing part of that project. 
The 8 panels are going where the 8 squares are in a broken star quilt pattern.  As I get more of the piecing done I will do my best to post progress pics. 

This past Sunday I finished the brown round on my eternal hexie project. Next up is a round of black! This project is definitely teaching me patience. Lord knows this isn’t moving all that fast. I started it last April in celebration of my 40th birthday. Well I’m going to be turning 41 here in a few months. Maybe it’ll be done in time for my 50th birthday celebration. LOL!

I do hope that y’all are having a great day. I’d better close this post, get some lunch & then I’m off on a parts run for DH. More later on,