Monday, April 27, 2015

It's Monday morning & there's lots too do!

It's Monday morning again & not a lot has changed, I've got projects going at home & next door. I'm working on another 10,000 piece quilt next door. This one is much simpler to put together than the Perkiomen Daydreams quilt. This one is more like a checker board. I'm using whites/creams & all colors of the rainbow in Civil War Repros. I'm half way done, I've got 6 rows done!

My home project is this

I'm working on making many more pieces because this is just not big enough.😊
 I've invested in some technology. I've had multiple troubles with printing my patterns. When the patterns are created using one operating system & then they are printed on a different operating system things go down the tubes. So I've gotten a new printer so that I can print them at home. I'm really hoping that having the new printer will make my life a lot easier. 

On the farm front we let some of the heifers out so that they could get to the green grass. DH took down part of the electric fence so that they could get to the grass. Well that electric fence must have made a believer out of them because just one out of the bunch would go across the line. 
Eventually they all got brave & ventured in to the grass. Silly creatures. 

I hope yall are having a good morning. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here in the middle of the USA😊. 
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The blog has been invaded by crickets I think

I do apologize for being so quiet on the blog. Life has been all kinds of crazy and writing on the blog has been put on the far back burner for the last few weeks. My father in law has been mostly stable with some bad days thrown in there. I'm thankful for that but it has changed how my days go. I am also thankful for the fact that we are not grain farmers right now. There's been lots of equipment going up & down the road getting the fields ready for planting. Our "crop" of hay is looking very good and in about a month we'll be talking about getting things ready to head out & start making hay. I'm truly hoping that the weather will cooperate and we'll be able to get into the fields shortly after memorial day. Last year  we didn't even start cutting hay until after Independence day. I was baling hay on my birthday last year & I really don't want to repeat that this year!

Ok enough babling on about the farm what have I been sewing on? Because yes even with how crazy my life is I need to sew. It centers me. After I had completed the  secondary color way of Nostalgia I needed to start a new project at home. I walked into my sewing room & was stumpped. I shouldn't have been. There was plenty of fabric with limitless possibilities in my small little room. All I had to do was pick one of them & start.

A few years back (I'm saying that because I can not remember how many) I made/finished a quilt for a lady & in payment she gave me all of the leftover yardage. There were yards  of beautiful red batiks. Here is a pic of the scraps after I've been doing some cutting 

Well what was I going to do with yardage? That is not usually where i jump off when I start a quilt. Well I had remembered that I had purchased a new Accuquilt Die and I needed to play with it for a while just so that I knew how the blocks went together. This is the die
Here are some of the blocks that I've created so far. More will be made, many more will be made because I don't make small quilts.:)

Right now I'm in the process of cutting more pieces & I'm thankful for the Accuquilt, it is definetly making that process much easier & more enjoyable.

I'd better close this down. There are more piecies that I want to run through the Accuquilt before I head out to do chores. It is simply beautifull here in the middle of the USA & I'm trying to enjoy it! I hope yall are doing well. There's been more inspiration for more quilts but that will come in a later post. More later on ,


Monday, April 6, 2015

What I'm working on, things that I know

First half of this blog post will be quilt related & the second will be life related. 

On the quilty front. When I'm at my in laws I've been trying to stay busy. I've been busy slicing & dicing through my scraps to get more 1.5" strips. Here's the last of my pile to go through
But before I can go through this I have to finish cutting up the last of the strip sets & sew up this ice cream container
My husband helped my MIL clean off the table yesterday & did his best at keeping all of my stuff together. He put all of my pieces in the bucket so I'll keep on using it. 
I had noticed that after a while after sewing strip sets on my featherweight my  machine started to lag really bad & I was frustrated with it. By golly I wanted to put some strips under the needle & I felt like I was unable. So I started surfing craigslist looking for a Singer 301. I had heard & read that those machines could do 1300 stitches a minute. That was right up my alley. Were there any available in my area, nope. Next stop was eBay. There were plenty to choose from there. It just all depends on how much I was willing to spend. I found one & I won it!!!!! Woohoo!! Now I just have to be patient & wait for it to arrive. That is not my best virtue, waiting, but I guess it's good for me. 

(Disclaimer: I'm a caretaker for my FIL whose on hospice next door )
On the life front it's been an interesting last few weeks. Definely a roller coaster ride. There have been lots of late night trips for medication or help going to the bathroom. During the day there are lots of interruptions to go next door to give my help. I have found that when I'm home I don't want to do anything but enjoy the quiet. I have found that it has been hard to sew at home. I'm not completely sure why. My current home project is the alternate color way for my pattern Nostalgia, here's a glimpse
During the construction of this quilt I have learned that I'm not a solids lover. I like patterns & textures in my fabrics. Plus the more variety the better. I also am not a fan of white. 

I have a guild presentation tonight in 
St.Joseph MO & I'm looking forward to it! I hope that y'all are doing well. More later on,