Monday, November 6, 2017

Busy & making new habits

Life is busy. I think that “busy” has different definitions for each person & for what stage that you are in life. For me “busy” means trying to figure out how many different things or engagements that I can have going at one time. About a year ago my husband started his own business from home. It has been a great thing but it has changed how life goes now. I’m now the secretary & parts runner for the business. He works on repair & maintenance of big trucks (dump trucks, semis etc,) tractors & any kind of welding. I go & get the parts so that he can stay busy working. The positive part ( I try to find the positive in things) is that I’m learning Kansas City a whole lot better than ever before. The down side is that most of the places that I need to go to are at least an hour away. I keep thinking that I need to have a car from the “Jettsons” cartoon that could drive itself, that way I could atlesast do some stitching. 

I have had a busy fall with going to many different quilt guilds & giving my presentation on “ The beauty of scrap quilting”. I have been very neglectful in telling them publicly thank you for having me & letting me share my passion with them. So I’d like to say “thank you” to the following guilds:

Muskogee Area Quilters Guild (Muskogee Oklahoma)
Pioneer Area Quilters Guils (Ponca City Oklahoma)
Quilt Guild of NW Arkansas ( Springdale Arkansas)
Nimble Thimbles (Lee’s Summit Missouri)
Smithville Town & Country Quilt Guils (Smithville Missouri)
Country Patchwork Quilters Guilds ( Marshall Missouri)

While doing parts runs for my husband & presentations for quilt guilds I finished a HUGE project. I’m working on creating a new program focused on hand work  & I finished my “Embroidery Sampler Quilt #2”. This quilt is a queen/king sized quilt (becuase it seems that I can’t go small). It has 24 embroidery blocks featuring 12 different embroidery stitches.

Sorry that you can’t see all of the blocks clearly. Its so large (about 100” square) that it didn’t all fit on my living room floor. It is currently at my LAQ. 
All of these blocks/stitches & the blocks /stitches from the first “Embroidery Sampler Quilt” will be available as workshops. My focus now is finishing the stitching on the black background version of  the first embroidery sampler quilt. Here’s one of the blocks from that quilt. (This is all hand stitched)

I’m about half way through block 10 & then I can start working on piecing everything together!

I think it was the trip to Springdale Arkansas that mom & I stopped at the store in Lamar Missouri. Mom wanted to pick up some more fabric for a project that she was wanting to finish & I found a particular piece of yardage that just sang to me. I saw it & nothing else immediately I knew how I could use it! I’ve been working on a “Thousand Pyramid quilt” & new that the yardage would make a fantastic border. Here’s the quilt,

Here’s the quilt with the yardage that I found for the border

There’s going to be a small black border between the body of the quilt & the border. I think that it’ll turn out great! 

I’d better close this. It’s getting pretty long with pictures & I’ve got to go & help husband load up a cow so that we can take her to the vet. I hope that ya’ll are doing well & that you can find time in your busy worlds for a bit of time for you. I’m going to stitch while on the drive because I don’t have to drive!!! More later on,