Saturday, January 10, 2015

My quilty goals for 2015

I'm insane or at least that's what it feels like. I've set some pretty lofty goals for myself this year. I really want to challenge myself. So here it goes: 

Projects to finish:
My moms wall hanging. I just need to put borders on & have it quilted. 

My friend Liz's purple project. She's been very patient in waiting for this. Though to make it better I've been loaning her different quilts until she has hers.

I had also started Wild & Goosey from Bonnie Hunter & it needs to be finished. 

Long term project: I'm going to make a pineapple quilt. I've got lots of tiny scraps that I can't toss. It's time to use them up. The blocks will finish at 4"

I'll need to make 625 of them so that the quilt will be big enough for me. That's roughly 2 blocks a day for this year & I'm already behind. 

This is also the year that I'm going to make my favorite pattern of all time, The Double Wedding Ring. I have loved this pattern for years but I've always been intimidated by it. Well curved seams do not frighten me anymore & I have a die to cut all of the pieces. There are no more reasons to keep putting this off. I started cutting the pieces & I did sew some of the arcs last night.  The background will be black & the arcs will be bright batiks. Predictable I know but I just love that combo. 

I'm sure that there will be more that pop up during the year but as of right now these are my goals. I'd better go & get started on one of these. More later on,


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