Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cross one off the list

I seem to do better & stay focused when I have a list. Writing the blog post about my quilty goals really helped put a fire underneath me. Yesterday I spent my quilty time finishing up my Moms wall hanging. 

Last January I had a presentation in Topeka & afterwards I had to stop at the local quilt shop. I had a great time in there & left with lots of treasures. One of them was a package of 2 mini cheater quilt tops. 
I wanted them for my embroidery. With the pattern already stamped on the fabric a major step had already been done for me.  The first one I made for my friend Liz as her Christmas gift & then this one for my Mom. I think she's planing on using it for her spring wall hanging. Next up on the list is some paper piecing. Time to get my feet wet & remember how to do this. I think I'll practice on the Wild & Goosey blocks before I go onto friend Liz's quilt. That one is way more intense. 

I hope that hall are having a great day. It's simply stunning here. I'm loving this sunshine. More later on,


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