Saturday, January 17, 2015

Learning something new

Y seams. They've got a horrible reputation in the quilting world. I'm not sure who gave them this reputation but they were very effective. I've been quilting for 12 years & it's only been in the last year and a half that I've learned how to do set in seams, curved piecing & now Y seams. It's all about that 1/4" seam allowance, don't get greedy & get into it. I've never taken a class before & my Friday night sewing group wanted to take this one. I had a great time with my friends & I learned a few things. 

I used yardage not scraps for my project. My friends were in shock that I even had yardage. I have purchased yardage before. It's just not something I do very often anymore. Here's my project from last night

I really like it & so does my best friend Liz. She likes the prints, the colors & she likes the design. I asked her if she'd like this quilt instead of the other quilt I'm making her & she asked me if there was enough fabric to make it big. Yes there is.  I've never calculated yardage well plus I'm worried that I won't have enough & so I've always over purchased.
 I'll keep yall updated on its progress. It's time to do chores & I'm having breakfast with a friend who's come from out of town. It should be a great day. More later on,


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  1. That's a really pretty pattern and fabric. Liz must be a special friend to get you to use yardage AND y seams in the same quilt. :) Glad they didn't scare you off. I've always wondered too why people avoided them like the plague.