Monday, January 27, 2014

Traveling, scraps & what I'm working on

Last week was a blur. Monday & Tuesday I spent with my kiddo & getting ready for 2 lectures/trunk shows. Wednesday I was up before the sun & I was headed down to Independence KS. My friend Maria went with me. (More about Maria in a little bit). It was a great drive & we got to the church in plenty of time. It's always fun to hear the comments when we are setting up. I have a fold up cart that I bring the quilts in on. By the third trip the comments start coming. I take 40+ quilts with me whenever I go.  We had a great time with the Crazy Quilters of Independence KS. It was a great group of ladies. I won't be forgetting the " Trouble Maker or the Entertainment Cordinator" any time soon. We asked where the quilt shops were, we wanted to hit some of them on the way home. The closest one was in Edna KS. The name of the town sounded very familiar to me. I remembered why when we went through downtown. That is where the Edna Mattress Factory is. That is where my dad (he builds custom bunk beds) gets his mattresses. We found the quilt shop " The Quilters Patch". It is a great shop! We had great conversation & great shopping. I came home with a scrap bag & some yardage (SHOCK!!) I found some unique KU fabric. I need to get busy making my soon to be arriving niece/nephew a KU quilt. My brother is fanatic when it comes to KU basketball. 
 The next day we were up & on the road with the sunrise. Randi joined us to go to Topeka KS. I had a presentation to the "Country Quilters of Topkea". I think this was the largest group I have spoken to. I think there was 60 quilters there. It was a lot fun & it went by very fast. I did make one large error. The day before I had taken all of my patterns into the quilt shop in Edna. I put them into my shopping bag. I took that bag out of my car & left it at home!!! I was could not believe that I did that. I did sell some patterns that day & I mailed them out the next day.  I will be emailing my patterns to the quilters that were interested. On our way home we stopped at "Stitching Traditions". They have moved to a great new location. All three of us had a great time shopping. I had to ask about scraps & I hit a jackpot! We'll I consider it a jackpot when I leave the store with a large black trash bag full of fabric! It was a good day. Thank you to both guilds. I am greatfull for the invitation to come & show you my quilts. 

I am still working on my batik/black log cabin quilt. I'm hoping to have more time to work on it this week. Any progress is good progress though. I am hooking up with Judy Laquidara at
I hope y'all are having a good day. It's cold & windy here in the middle of the USA. I'm off to do chores & make some bread. More later on. 


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  1. I thought it was great when she come to Jan 22,2014 Crazy Quilt Club Independence KS Give me a good idea what to do the scraps that I have in a box :D