Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's a learning process

I've been working on my Drunkards Path blocks. My original plan was to use scrappy creames & scrappy dark Civil War repros. I thought that if I had enough of a contrast that I would get the effect that I was looking for. I was wrong. I layed the block out & it looked horrible. So now I had to find a layout that I liked. I found that I liked all of the cream backgrounds & dark backgrounds separated. So instead of a large quilt I've ended up with two smaller quilts. This project has not gone as planned but sometimes that is how it goes. I have been able to use up lots of fabric though it doesn't look like it in my stash. My curved piecing skills have improved. By the time I was done piecing the blocks I didn't have as many puckers along the curve. As with anything you'll get better the more that you pracice it. I want to continue piecing curved seams. There are other quilts with curved seams that I want to make, Wedding Ring & Apple Core to name a few. Here are a few pics of the process from cutting with the dies to playing around with block layouts. I will post pics tomorrow hopefully of the finished quilts. I've got one done & I have figured out what I'm going to do with the borders on the other. Hope y'all are staying warm in this cold weather. More later,


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  1. Vicky, I think all of your designs look really good., The Drunkards Path was one of the first quilt blocks I tried because someone gave me an acrylic templates to use with a rotary cutter. I made a pillow top using the Lover's Knot layout using men's ties and it turned out ok, but like you said, I needed more practice. My interesections didn't all meet up. I really like your idea of using your scraps of lights and darks from your stash. Now I want to go find those templates and play with them again. Darn, how am I ever going to get my UFOs done with all these great ideas. I'm staying warm working on CS today. It's minus 4 now and going down.