Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An update on the treadle project

I'm so stinking excited to be half way done with my treadle project. When I read the instructions I knew how big this quilt was going to be but the reality of it had not. It's going to be huge, over 100" square. Bonnie Hunter does not design small quilts. I generally don't make small quilts. I choose Rick  Rack Nines because there was a lot of piecing & I was hoping that by the time I was done I would have improved my treadling skills. Well at the half way point I would say I improved from when I started & learned so much. One thing I'm not sure how to fix is locking/back stitching my seams. When I'm assembling my rows I like to back stitch at the beginning & end of my rows to "lock" them. With my treadle that's not possible she only has one direction, forward. If anyone out there has an idea on his to help me with this I would love to hear about it. When I get the next half assembled I will have to take pics outside. This quilt is just too big for my little living room floor. I'm of to treadle as much as I can before I have to get my kiddo up & off to school. Have a great day y'all,


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