Monday, February 25, 2019

Monday & my ambitious plans

Good Morning!

I’ve decided to make some ambitious plans/goals for today. My mom has told me in the recent past that “Vicky your ambition out weighs your reality”. That kinda cracked me up because I had never looked at my plans/goals as too much. If you don’t set the bar high you’ll never know how high you can jump. So in saying that here’s my goals for today:

I need to make as many of my current quilt in progress’ blocks as I can. My ambition had me cut 100 block kits & I’ve finished 51of them. I’m working on a new presentation centered around my pattern “Prairie Stones”. It focuses on how changing the pieces of the block can change the look of the block. I’m on block 11 out of 12 & this one is taking forever. I like to make all of the pieces of each step as I go. It’s a lot of chain piecing & pressing but it’s usually a good system for me. This particular block I have to make each block individually because of how it all goes together & I feel that it is dragging on. I’ve been toying around with the idea of making it smaller than a Queen size,(GASP!) because I’m under the gun to finish this Quilt & make 1 more before the first of April. I really need both of these quilts done before the 19 of March because thats the day that I’m going on a dream trip!!!

I’m making a second version of my Embroidery Sampler Quilt #3. This variation I’m using cotton as the appliqué instead of wool. I finished up my sixth block last night. I’d really like to finish up this Quilt & get it to my quilter so that I can start on Embroidery Sampler Quilt #4. My crazy wonderful students are game to continue learning so I need to get started on that project so that it can be ready by September when quilt #4 will start. It’s going to be reversed red work!

I also need to keep up with the paperwork side of my husbands business. There’s always plenty to do, I should never be bored for sure! I hope that y’all have a great day & get done all that you desire to do! More later on,


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