Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The consumption of my time

Life has been very hectic with a huge life change in the last month. My wonderful husband left his job in town & has started his own business. Kiddo & I are thrilled to have him home. He had been working 70-80 hour weeks & when you work that much you don't have any time with your family. There is a lot to do when you start a business from the ground up & my life has been VERY busy. I told DH that The Scrappy Farmer still needs to sew up those scraps & that I would need some sewing time. He has been very understanding. I've also started a hand embroidery club at the local quilt store. Each month I'll teach a different stitch with a different project. Last month was the first time that we met & we had a great time.  For October we'll be doing the "Blanket Stitch" with wool appliqué 

I love this little project so much that I've cut out enough so that I can make a much larger quilt! I've started on the next month's project which we'll be working with French knots. Lots & lots of French knots! I guess I should say that my goal for each class is that by the time class is over I want you to know that stitch. Here is the project in progress for the November class " The French Butterfly"

I'm not really sure how I want to finish it when I'm done stitching it. It's very heavy & any quilting would have to go around it & not through it. We'll see what the quilter says.One possibility is to make it into a pillow, we'll see what happens. I do need to have it done & to the quilt store by this Saturday. They are having their monthly Saturday Sampler BOM & they like to have all of the class samples there. 

I'm also working on a new scrappy pattern. I was inspired by another tile floor & the pattern is very cool & I'm loving how it's turning out. When I get it made I'll share the pics with y'all.

I'd better go. Dinner is not quite made & it's already 9:30 pm. Another late night on the farm. Hope ya'll are having a great day. More later on,


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