Sunday, September 1, 2013

I have a confession to make

I have a confession to make. I take my embroidery with me everywhere, even to church. This morning during that time between Sunday School & church I got a few stitches in my latest project. I even struck up a conversation with a nice lady because of it. I did forget my embroidery scissors at the treadle table so my Leatherman to the rescue! It has scissors ! I did put it away once service started. I'm hoping to get some sort of stitching time in today. I was in the tractor all day yesterday. My husband needed someone to drive the tractor while he sprayed the weeds in the pasture. I got the good job. I had the ac & some great 80's music. I'm hoping that the spray stuck to those pesky weeds & was not washed off by the rain this am. Hope y'all are having a great weekend. More later ,


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